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How Mature is Your Security Posture?

Cybersecurity is complex and threats are evolving. Is your organization prepared to withstand today’s inevitable attacks? Is your cyber spending appropriate? Has employee training kept up? What are appropriate next steps and outcomes?

Get answers with Fishtech’s Cybersecurity Controls Review Workshop, a complimentary workshop assessing your security maturity and recommending critical next steps. Let our experts equip you with advanced real-world strategies and tactics that are winning for leading organizations. 


The Cybersecurity Controls Review Workshop is a moderated self-assessment utilizing Center for Information Security (CIS) 20 Controls-Implementation Group 1.

In these deep-dive sessions, we openly discuss all the related sub-controls. Fishtech consultants will summarize the control and describing describe the very practical tactics currently used by leading organizations sharing the good, bad, and ugly of day-to-day threats and challenges these organizations face using real-world examples to train and focus your own strategy.

CIS 20-Implementation Group 1 is a great place to start— described by the Center for Information Security as a core set of Sub-Controls that organizations with limited resources and limited risk exposure should implement.

Workshop participants will receive:

  1. A professionally run cybersecurity workshop with your key stakeholders
  2. Moderated discussions around 43 critical CIS sub-controls
  3. A scoring matrix based on current state implementation, priority, and value
  4. A deliverable summarizing the exercise with your tailored input charted against CIS controls
  5. A tailored roadmap with recommended actions for your top 3 goals

Download the CCRW Factsheet for full details.

How Can We Equip Your Organization?

Let's have a conversation about how the Cybersecurity Controls Review Workshop. 


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