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Learn How We're Changing Cybersecurity for Good with Backstory


The cybersecurity revolution is here. Chronicle’s global security analytics platform is instant, easy, and powerful. Backstory enables a full-year search of security logs and high-volume telemetry with sub-second queries. All when it matters the most.

The Security-as-a-Service division of Fishtech Group, CYDERES is the only managed security solutions provider (MSSP) with a Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering that is 100% powered by the revolutionary power of Chronicle Backstory.  

The full value of the Backstory tool is realized through CYDERES’ skilled resources. Our highly trained and experienced analysts bring you custom threat intelligence offering you the ultimate in managed detection and response.

“Never before in my career have I seen so much excitement about a technology. This is a game changer. You don’t want to miss this." - Gary Fish, CEO & Founder, Fishtech Group

Thursday, April 25th, 2019


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What You’ll Learn in This Webcast

Start Thinking in Petabytes

Big data once meant terabytes; today, your business thinks in petabytes or more. Backstory's design supports unlimited data so you can keep it for years, not days.

Combined with the power of CYDERES' human-led, machine-driven security as a service solution, we are changing cybersecurity for good.


Backstory runs on core Google infrastructure, which means you don’t have to spend resources managing a multi-petabyte data system. Extract signals from your security telemetry to find threats instantly.

This powerful platform leverages the underlying security concepts, tools, and infrastructure of Chronicle’s parent company, Alphabet. Organizations can now use the same platform that Google uses to protect itself.

Full EMDR 100% Powered by Backstory

As the first Managed Detection and Response provider built 100% on Chronicle Backstory, CYDERES supplies organizations with people, process, and technology “as a Service” to manage risks, detect threats, and respond to security incidents in real-time. 
And unlike its competitors, both CYDERES and Backstory are licensed at a fixed price based on number of employees. This game-changing solution offers as much as 10 times the functionality at one-tenth the price of previous approaches.

About The Hosts

Eric Foster
Chief Operations Officer - Cyderes

Eric leads CYDERES as COO.  He's responsible for managing the overall operations, resources, and go-to-market strategy for Fishtech's Security-as-a-Service operation CYDERES. Eric led the 2018 launch of CYDERES EMDR, an Enterprise Managed Detection and Response solution that helps organizations with detection, investigation, remediation, and proactive threat hunting.  Previously he's worked as CISO for Netsmart, Head of Customer Success for RiskIQ, and CISO for UMB Financial (UMB Bank).   When he's not hunting the threatist of threats or (mostly intentionally) detonating malware, you'll find Eric enjoying the outdoors with his wife and two young children.

Svetla Yankova
Head of Customer Experience Engineering, Chronicle

Svetla leads Customer Experience Engineering at Chronicle Security. She’s your friendly Chronicle Librarian - for VirusTotal and beyond - and responsible for sustainably scaling Chronicle’s customer-facing organization. Previously, she’s worked as a full-stack software engineer, solutions consultant, pre-sales engineer and expert cat-herder. Her favorite past-time is mining VirusTotal data for threat actor slip ups.

Learn How Fishtech Group, Cyderes, and Chronicle are Changing Cybersecurity for Good.