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Are You Ready for Governance as Code?


Just as the practice of Infrastructure as Code changed the way deployment and configuration of your applications and infrastructure was managed, Governance as Code moves your governance, including implementing best security practices, adhering to compliance requirements and standards, and allocating business resources away from a manual, human-based approach to a more consistent, efficient, and highly repeatable code-based approach.

While human hands are still involved across the organization in a number of applications, Governance as Code systems act as an overall guiding hand to help users adhere to organizational best practices.

Is your current infrastructure and cloud security maturity prepared to embrace these revolutionary best practices?

Learn from leading experts on steps you can take right now to prepare your organization to receive all the benefits of Governance as Code.


THU 4/16/20


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No More Audit Nightmares!
Minimize Risk. Maximize Efficiency.
Maintain Compliance.
Exceed Business Objectives.

About the Panelists

Dan Thormodsgaard
Chief Technology Officer, Fishtech Group

As CTO and co-founder for Fishtech, Dan is a strategic advisor to Fortune 500 enterprise accounts, technology companies, and government institutions. He listens, discusses, and supports long-term SDN, Cloud, and security initiatives for his client organizations. Dan specializes in finding unique solutions to successfully map infrastructure, DevOps, and security technology to business objectives.

Ajoy Rao
Principal Consultant, Cyber Risk and Compliance

Experienced in consulting and advisory around GRC and business IT alignment, Ajoy has authored and presented papers in leading conferences/journals and has certifications in cyber risk, security, and compliance. 

James Grow
Director of DevOps & Security Automation

James Grow has a massive breadth of knowledge and experience across networking, information security (network security, application security, and system security), incident response, compliance, cloud, applications and systems architecture,

Josh Badal
Solutions Architect
Josh Badal is a cybersecurity professional with experience evaluating, designing, architecting, planning, deploying, integrating, and supporting a multitude of cybersecurity projects for enterprises across many sectors, including private, public, government, healthcare, non-profit, financial, education, utility, and defense.
Tim Dentry
Solutions Architect, CISSP

Experience with institutional and large enterprise sales acquisition and revenue cycle process and strategy, Tim brings a unique blend of technical leadership in both military and commercial endeavors, and deep technical/hands-on experience. 

Adam Murphy
Solutions Architect
With over 20 years of hands-on, operational experience, Adam Murphy is a cybersecurity professional with an extensive background in designing, implementing, and managing robust security solutions across a variety of industries including financial, banking, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Leading Organizations to a More Secure Future